Electoral College = NOW ACTION: Letter Writing

Please share this with your chapters and other citizens in Arizona.img_1623

You can urge Arizona’s members of Electoral College to not vote for Trump.

Here are our electors and their addresses. Below is a sample letter, but you can shorten it or write your own.
Time is of the essence.

1. Alberto Gutier
6145 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85012

2. Walter Begay Jr.
P.O. Box 35
Kayenta, AZ 86033

3. Sharon Giese
7311 E. Southern Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85209-2701

4. Robert Graham
3501 N. 24th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85016

5. James O’Connor
6614 E. Vernon Ave.
Scottsdale, AZ 85257-2041

6. Jerry Hayden
10306 E. Calle De Las Brisas
Scottsdale, AZ 85255-3762

7 Edward Robson
9532 E. Riggs Road
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248

8. Carole Joyoce
1029 W. Solcito Lane
Phoenix, Az 85013-1454

9. Bruce Ash
6570 E. Santa Aurelia
Tucson, AZ 85715


Dear XXXX,
I am writing to you in your role as a presidential elector. Hillary Clinton has a popular margin of victory, over 2.5 million votes nationwide, but I ask you to choose her for a different reason: the Electoral College was designed to bar men like Donald Trump from the presidency.

Our presidential system, designed in 1787 and not amended since 1804, empowers the electors to use their wise judgment to choose our president.

Donald Trump is unfit to be president. Just one reason: He will pervert our standards of law and ethics by using the presidency to enrich himself and his family. He has been sued more than any candidate in our history. On Nov. 18, he agreed to pay $25 million to settle lawsuits alleging fraud at his Trump University.

Since the election, he and his children have continued to pursue their business interests with foreign leaders. He has refused to release his tax returns. He has refused to place his companies in a blind trust.

Let’s not inaugurate a president whose greed destines him for impeachment.

If you share my fear that Trump would weaken and shame our country, I encourage you to exercise the power granted you buy the Constitution by putting country above party and blocking Donald Trump.

Thank you for your service.



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