AZ NOW Legislative ACTION ALERT 4-1-17

From now on, all action (absent that behind closed doors) will be on the floor and thus comments must be directed to the President of the Senate Steve Yarbrough and JD Mesnard.
Senate President Steve Yarbrough
602.926.5863Speaker of the House JD Mesnard
Of course you will want to have the email and phone numbers of your own legislative district Senator and two Representatives. If you don’t know, go to this web site:
and find out.If a bill gets to Governor Ducey’s desk, his contact is:
602.542.4331You can find a contact form at:

Press Conf: Equal Pay Day April 4, 2017

Women in Arizona lose over $6 billion dollars every year because of the gender pay gap or $7,000 per woman per year. The City of Phoenix has issued a proclamation regarding Equal Pay Day which is the date that symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. That day is April 4. Central Phoenix/Inez Casiano NOW is hosting a press conference to commemorate the proclamation and urge action to eliminate this economic harm to women.

AZ NOW Legislative Action Alert 3-25-17

ACTION ALERT 3/25/2017 Dianne Post, AZ NOW Legislative Liaison Of primary concern is SB1367 interfering with women’s right to make decisions about their own families.  Please watch the video link and take action.   There are only two committee hearings.  The extension of time for TANF cash assistance and SNAP (food stamp) benefits in HB2372…

AZ NOW Legislative Alert 3-17-17

Thank you Dianne Post for this AZ NOW Legislative ACTION ALERT 3/17/2017! If you only do a few, please consider doing SB1367, SB1355 and SB1422 as they focus on women’s right specifically. Spread far and wide. Thank you for all you do! Dianne Post, AZ NOW Legislative Liaison AZ NOW Legislative ACTION ALERT 3/17/2017 NUMBER TITLE/CONTENT…

AZ NOW Legislative Alert 2-26-17

Thank you Dianne Post for bringing us timely reports on what’s going on in AZ Legislature!

AZ NOW Legislative Alert 2-26-17

Now that the deadline has passed for hearing bills in the house of origin, the list of bills I’m following has decreased. But the need for action gets more desperate as the bad bills get closer to passage and the good ones run out of time. There is something for everyone (and against you too) in this list.

Spread far and wide. Thanks for all you do.